Welcome on our Jonny Lang Band Fans website. Jonny Lang, is a 34 yo American musician who began his career in 1995. His musical style evolved from blues to funk, pop and gospel. He is considered by many as a major musician of our century.
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Jonny Lang 2015 USA Tour dates

  Now that the JL / KWS Tour is over, Jonny and The Band are ready for a new USA Tour all by themselves (almost). Yes, American people, you can rejoice, lots of dates ahead, in your area. While us, poor Europeans, we will cry over the fact that no, Jonny is not coming back […]

Exclusive Interview by the fans!

We received over 200 fans questions here at jonnylang.fr. We picked the best ones, and had Jonny answer them at the end of the European Tour.
We also had a fews questions for his band members.
Did your question make it to Jonny?
Did he answer it?
Find out NOW!

Weekly unheard track – Spanish castle magic 97

At the moment, Jonny plays “Spanish castle magic” with Doyle Bramhall II and Rich Robinson in the Experience Hendrix Tour. If you can check them, you’ll have a blast. Now listen and see a young Jonny doing this Hendrix cult song 17 years ago, when he was only 16. Incredible …