3 scènes parisiennes …

1Jonny Lang took Paris by storm on 10.10.1997, 10.23.1998 and 05.18.1999.

This is a short review from 3 places where the Jonny Lang band played.
Parisian were amazed. They still.

You can see pictures below from these mythical theaters/concert venues.
I was at these shows and to imagine Jonny will be back @TheNewMorning 16 years later just scares me !


C’était le 10 octobre 1997, le 23 octobre 1998 et le 18 mai 1999. Les parisiens s’en souviennent encore. Voici en images les 3 lieux mythiques où plusieurs d’entre nous eurent l’occasion de se rendre. Dont le fameux New Morning où Jonny donnera son nouveau concert demain soir, 16 ans plus tard !

LE NEW MORNING (10.10.1997)
Setlist : Good Morning Little School Girl, A Quitter Never Wins, There’s Gotta Be a Change, Ain’t That a Lot of Love, She’s Out There Somewhere, Darker Side, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Home in the Blues, Same Old Blues, Lie to Me, Rack ‘Em Up, Spanish Castle Magic. > Voir les vidéos du concert du New Morning en 1997.

Setlist : Still Raining, Good Morning Little Schoolgirl, A Quitter Never Wins, Home In The Blues, I Am, There’s Gotta Be A Change, Darker Side, Lie To Me, Rack ‘Em Up, Spanish Castle Magic (à confirmer)

LE GRAND REX (05.18.1999)
Setlist : Still Rainin’, Good Morning Little School Girl, A Quitter Never Wins, The Levee, Home in the Blues, Walking Away, There’s Gotta Be a Change, Second Guessing, Leaving to Stay, Rack ‘Em Up, She’s Out There Somewhere, Right Back, Wander This World, Breakin’ Me, Lie to Me


le grand rex

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