AUDIO – Danish rattle magic ! – “Leaving to stay” – The weekly unhackneyed track (Week 26)

midtfyns festival jonny lang 1999Midtfyns Festival was a famous rock festival in Denmark. It was closed before the 2004 festival started, due to declining ticket sales. Musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughan also performed at Midtfyns (July 1, 1988).

The Jonny Lang Band performed at Midtfyns, near Ringe town on July 10, 1999. They did a short yet impressive set, that would be immortalized on audio.

We invite you to hear the new weekly unhackneyed track (Week 26) with a great great tune from the “Wander this world” tour. Maybe one of these songs on wich Jonny can vocally shine the most. Nowadays, “On that great day” is THE ballad from Jonny. In those years, “Leaving to stay” was the more bluesy/pessimistic ballad equivalent. Musically, it’s a gem …


You can listen to other tracks from this outstanding session on the audio page.

Jonny will be touring in Denmark this summer. Denmark is a small beautiful country, which I am related in a special way because I spent 4 years in my life studying Kierkegaard’s philosophy (really interesting !).

If you’re “leaving to stay” in Denmark in july, Jonny will be performing @ the Amager Bio in Copenhagen on July 7 ! Thank you to all of you guys who were part of the contest to win tickets to this concert. And thank you to Amager Bio who were kind enough to offer us 4 tickets to the show !

Jonny already hit the stage at the Amager Bio, in the previous years. Maybe you could hear some sounds from this stage in the next weeks, who knows ?



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