Jonny Lang 2015 USA Tour dates

  Now that the JL / KWS Tour is over, Jonny and The Band are ready for a new USA Tour all by themselves (almost). Yes, American people, you can rejoice, lots of dates ahead, in your area. While us, poor Europeans, we will cry over the fact that no, Jonny is not coming back […]

European Tour 2014 is Over. What now?….

Jonny Lang’s European Summer Tour 2014 being unfortunately over, we’re here to help you deal with it with: Exclusive interviews, reviews, audios and videos. Check what’s going on soon on

New Musicians for Euro Tour

The European Tour started a few days ago, and some JL fans were surprised to see new musicians on stage. Click here to meet the new band members who share the stage with Jonny and Barry (still here).

Share your Jonny Lang Experience

We need YOU to cover the American Tours for us. Be our ears, our eyes… and make us feel like we were there with you. If you’re visiting this website, chances are that you have already been to a Jonny Lang concert. Or maybe you’re going to one in a few days/weeks… anyways, we want to […]

Freaky anagrams about Jonny Lang

We found out several anagrams for Jonny Lang. Please help us to find more ! No, we aren’t outmanned / at a loose end …
We just bite our nails until we get some great reviews from the Paris and London concerts where we can’t go (argh…)
So you have this choice : whether you go to the next concerts and share reviews, whether you create and share new anagrams with us !
Hey Lang fans : the more you will be friendly to us, the less we will write in french. Isn’t it a good proposal ?

Fight For My Soul est sorti !

Jonny annonce officiellement son premier album studio en 7 ans : “Fight for my soul” et la date de sortie en Europe et Grande-Bretagne est fixée au 2 septembre.
Disponible dès maintenant en pré-commande.