All you have to do is : 6-3-4-5-7-8-9 !


N’hésitez pas à partager avec nous et les autres fans francophones votre expérience du “Jonny Lang effect”.

Vous pouvez également nous laisser :

  • vos suggestions,
  • vos remarques,
  • vos propositions de collaboration !



11 thoughts on “CONTACT

    • Thank you. What you say is exactly what JL say in his last tune “What you’re looking for” : you always find what you’re looking for. It is so true… See you next !

        • Hi Shari ! Yes, it’s a small world. Our era is fantastic : France and Minnesota have never been such closer than now ! Hope we’ll meet one day, and sure there will be next times on the web ! Last thing : “Fight for my soul” is a really soulful album. It’s more on the vocal side, but to my eyes it is maybe the best JL’s album on vocals and it is the best album about arrangements. The lyrics are really deep, too. You’ll get it in a few days, I guess !

  1. Salut Romain ! le nouveau site est superbe !! tu as ma nouvelle adresse courriel ! donne des news !

    A bientôt

    • Tu es Johnny D ? Excuse -moi mais comme je connais plusieurs John merci de ton éclairage ! Romain

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