European Tour 2014 is Over. What now?….

Hello everybody.
We hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far. Ours had been great: several JL shows around Europe for his Summer Tour… could we ask for more?

Unfortunately, the Euro Tour being over, we feel a little sad and depressed now, as we never know when Jonny and the Band might be coming back.
I bet you feel the same, and wonder how you’re going to survive these next months without your regular Jonny Lang fix…


Well… you’re lucky to have us here. We’re not letting you down buddy…. we know what you’re going throught… and thus we’re working really hard to keep your JL passion alive!

In the next few days/weeks/months, we’ll have new material coming out : exclusive interviews (of Jonny and the Band), exclusive concerts reviews, exclusive pictures, audios and videos.

Yes, we’re exclusive: Only Jonny Lang.

So come back regularly to check your favorite JL fansite.



In the meantime, if you’re one of the lucky ones who got to go to one of the show, don’t forget to send us your review / pictures / videos of the show :)
Many people who could not go would love to read your experience about it, and it might convince some people to go to the next JL show they could go to. That’s how you get people to buy tickets.. and that’s how you get venues to invite Jonny, and that’s how you get Jonny to come back on Tour more often!

(yeah… this whole “share your experience” thing is actually really selfish if you think about it ;) )



Pictures by the fans, Alain Hiot (bottom right end) and Gaelle Bonora (b&w pic) taken during the 2014 Euro Tour. Thank you for these amazing pictures.


4 thoughts on “European Tour 2014 is Over. What now?….

  1. I’m glad I did know Jonny very much before last saturday … because now, I have all of Jonny’s albums to discover ! Lucky guy: An exciting trip for months with his music, long after he left us a little bit sad, but so enthusiastic.

  2. It was a so amazing experience that summer, a dream of 18 years realised, I hope a long way with Jonny’s music, he’s a real gift of life. I’m also really happy to have find this website, now I can share with all of you. I hope to meet others fans during the next european tour and of course to meet him for real.

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