Exclusive Interview by the fans!

JL-itwYes we finally did it!

2 days before the end of the European Tour, right after his show in Vence (07/19/2014), Jonny answered your/our questions: questions exclusively from the fans.

We received over 200 questions here at jonnylang.fr.
Most of them were really interesting, however we knew we wouldn’t be able to secure 4 hours with Jonny (I did ask his manager, but strangely, he said no ;) ). So we had to make a selection.

Some questions were personal, others about his music… so I picked a few of both.

I was able to ask questions to some of the band members.  If you’ve met them already, you know they are really nice guys.

Did your question make it to Jonny?
Did he answer it?
Find out NOW!


ps: sound quality is awful, I know… I’m no professional, thus my material isn’t either. Please forgive me, I promise that next time it will  be better :)


JL interview – Audio ( Transcription here):

Band Members (Calvin T., Court C., Barry A.) interview – Audio (Transcription here):

Jonny Lang questions by the fans:

JL :Michael from Sweden « Hi Jonny, How are you ? ». Well Michael, I’m doing great. Thank you for asking!

Please forgive me if it’s not how you pronounce your name…  Victiashea, from the US asks « What’s the best thing about being a musician and why? ».

Well… I just love playing music and creating music. Writing music. And the why is it’s the only thing I’m good at. There’s nothing else for me to do, really, at this point… . So thanks for your question.
This is from Tiho and MarinaHow do you select the musicians you choose to work with?”.

All of the musicians that are in the band at this point are people I have just met on the road. Or friends of friends. After doing this for.. as long as I have now, you’ve got to know a lot of other musicians. So really there is no audition or anything like that. We just kind of call friends and see if they can come out  on the road.”
LO : Charles used to play with Reeve. Is that how you met him?

JL: Yeah, I met Charles through Reeve. Reeve Carney.

LO: What happened to the other musicians? Dwan.. Akil.. jimmy….

JL: Well.. Jimmy came off the road. He just wants to be at home with his family and Dwan and Charles kind of go back and forth. So Dwan will be coming up again in… not too long. And AKil, I think he wanted to be home with his family more. With the schedule it’s tough especially if you have a family.

Next question : Alissa  from the US says “What are you doing in your spare time these days? Besides rocking out

Well.. you know… Alissa, the only thing I really do in my spare time is play golf. It’s like my only pass-time and I’m pretty addicted to golf actually. I go whenever I have a chance to. SO yeah, golf.

Judi, Mindy, Julie from the US: “What is your favorite song to perform and why?

There’s a couple I love to play. One of the songs I love to play is “That Great Day”. It’s a message that’s really close to my heart. It’s a song about somebody’s relationship with God. I’m pretty passionate about that song. It’s fun for me to do it.

Mel from Germany asks “Would you consider making an unplugged album?
Yes I would Mel. I’ve been wanting  to do that for a long time. I just don’t know when it’s going to happen, but it’s definitely going to happen. One day.

Linda from the US asks « If you could play any instrument besides the guitar, what would it be? ».
I would love to be able to play keyboards well. I don’t play that well so… I can play well enough to kind of xxx  by but I would love to be actually good at it.

Andrew from England asks « When will you be doing another blues album? »

Well… I don’t know. I didn’t really consider « Lie To Me” and “Wander This World ».. like blues albums. They’re more rock records than blues. Blues guitar players will always be a part of what I do and I’ve been really influenced by that genre of music.
But the songs that I write tend not to be in that genre for whatever reason, so the songs that come out naturally are usually the ones that I pursue and record. But who knows… maybe somewhere down the line it’ll be blues songs coming out and we’ll make that record too. So I guess the answer is “I don’t know”.

Jonas from Denmark asks “Where do you feel, at this current time, your music is headed, and why?
I have no idea Jonas! I’ve never really known where it’s headed. I just sit down and write songs. I don’t know. I kinda wish I did know where things are going so I could plan things a little better but…. I guess I don’t know where it’ll go on this next record.

Andrew from the US asks “Does your family ever travel with you and how does your wife and kids handle you being away?”.
Well it is really hard to be out on the road and be away from them. It’s the only downside to this all thing. When we got married she knew what I did for a living.. that I travel all the time. So she’s used to it. We’re both used to it but it always stinks. It’s always not that fun to be away from your family. But I guess it just is what it is.

Debbie from the US asks « How do you decide what songs you will play at certain venues ?”. Well our setlist from tour to tour doesn’t change all that much but sometimes if we’re at a rock festival we’ll stay away from doing too many ballads during a set. If it’s more of a blues festival I think we’ll add what people would consider more blues songs in the setlist. So yeah, we change it a little bit depending on the genre of the festival.

Lisa from France asks “A poll on jonnylang.fr reveals that your fans’ favorite song are “Blew Up” then “The Truth”, “What you’re looking for”, “I’ll always be”. “The Truth” and “I’ll always be” are not on the setlist yet. Any chance they will be soon?

Yes They will be.“The Truth” and “Ill always  be” are both really slow. We play live. They tend to be longer songs. It’s a bit tricky to put them in the set. But those 2 will definitely make it into the setlist at some point.

LO: Do you sometimes change the setlist because of what people ask you to play during the shows?

JL: Yeah.. sometimes.

LO: So do the musicians know all your songs?

JL: Yeah.. Well…. They know enough!

Ok.. We have a lot of people here… Guiseppe, Vicky, Tamara, Lori, George, Corinne, Barbara, Gilberto, Kate, Erika, Julie, Nancy, Jess, Frank & Becky, Jeremy, Susan, Leah, Chris, Jean, Anne-Lise, Kevin, Ralph Jr, Evoni, Hira, Sherrie… ask “when are you coming to our cities?”.
I don’t know what cities they’re all from respectively but unfortunately, I don’t have that much input on where we actually go. But I think in the future we’ll try to expend to as many  territories  as we possibly can. We’ll be coming to Europe way more often. And we’ll be going to Japan soon. Maybe Indonesia. Try some of those regions of the world too.

LO: What’s going on now?

JL: I just started writing a little while ago for the next record. I would say maybe start recording in January or February. That’s the goal. I’m not sure when it will be out.

LO: Thank you very much Jonny Lang!

JL: You are SO welcome!

Vence - 07/19/2014

Cavlin Turner, Court Clement and Barry Alexander questions by the fans:

LO : Jonnylang.Fr, the best website in the world. Right?

Calvin T.: The best website in the world.. absolutely!

LO: You’ve been touring with Jonny for a few months now right?

Calvin T.: Actually it’s been only a month.

LO: How is it going so far?

Calvin T.: Excellent. I’ve known everybody here for a long time outside Jonny. I’ve actually even known Jonny for almost 10 years so.. it was pretty much like we’re an old pair of shoes from the beginning you know? It worked from the start.

LO: What about you Court?

Court C.: Well I feel  the exact same way. It’s been an amazing experience.  Very natural playing from the beginning. I’ve been playing with Jonny for ONE month so we’re both kind of the new guys and it’s been feeling awesome.


LO: Barry, you’ve been touring with Jonny for 8 years now…. And…

Barry: 8 Years?!!! Woahhh

LO: Yep. 8 Years.

Barry: Crossing my fingers! It’s been good. I think it’ll be plenty more years to come. Yes, please. Write on the website: More years with Jonny!



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