Freaky anagrams about Jonny Lang

We found those anagrams lately about Gnal Ynnoj, the best scandinavian madchester band.
We could imagine people, characters, through some anagrams.


Lonny Jang or Jonny Lang, that is the question !

Lonny Jang or Jonny Lang, that is the question !

Let’s begin :

Lonny Jang
A poor lonesome cowboy (Lucky Luke’s cousin)luckeluke_reiter

Jango Lynn
The best french californian mandolin player. Tarantino loves his music


Jon Lanngy
The best whiskey drinker among canadian head hunters

Yan Jlonn
The best dutch semeiotics teacher

Gnaj Ynnol
The best groom in Gondor. He healed Aragorn’s horse. Good guy

Nolan Jyng
The best north korean moviemaker

Olga Jynn
The best belly dancer from Krasnoiarsk

Jonny Lang aka the Pez dispenser

Jonny Lang aka ” The Pez Dispenser “

And last but not least ….

Jonny Lang
A sales representative for PEZ Candy Company (nicknamed “The Pez Dispenser”)


If you have some ideas, please tell us or ask Iris, your eye-phone A.I (or OS1 if you live in L.A) !


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