Jonny Lang Band Live @ Cleon, FRANCE – First pictures & videos

Hi Guys ! We’re back with some candies for you. The Jonny Lang Band was rocking ” La Traverse ” venue in Cleon, France, several hours ago, this show being part of his 2014 European Tour .

What a smoking set …. Several retinas and ears were impacted, but everybody is still alive. No collateral damage.

Our secret agent told us the show in Cleon was terrific. It was his sixth live Jonny Lang experience and it seems he enjoyed it a lot. We’re discussing with two guys to get some reviews about this show.

Yet you can find a couple of videos posted on Youtube that night. Another flavorite concert, for sure !

Thanks to Pierre-Claude for these pics (click to enlarge), and to MrRogerrocks2 fot the vid (I just picked two of them).


You can share with us too if you were attending this show !

la-traverse-2  la-traverse-1


Lie to me


40 days & 40 nights (Myddy Waters cover)


Rack’em up (excerpt with solo organ from Dwan Hill, à la Jimmy Smith !)

Have a great day. Tonight, the Lang Band is off to Brussels so the journey goes on…

Check our Tour page to see every place Jonny Lang Band is going to, maybe he’s going your way !
If you are going to attend one of his show, feel free to send us a review of the concert as well as pictures and videos. This website works thanks to your collaboration. There would be close to no content if not for the fans !
Thank you.



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