Jonny Live in Avignon 2014 – 3 videos

Author : Sylvie DECLAS

Live in Avignon @Montfavet

The Jonny Lang Band did a great show in Avignon last summer, a french town made famous with the international theatre festival, and with the Avignon Blues Festival. Jonny was the headliner in 2014, and we can tell you that the other artists were top notch. Just check this link :

Our friends, heads from the Festival organization, allowed us to post three videos from the Jonny’s concert. Many thanks to us !

The “Lie to me” rendition is just exquisite ! Enough said, press play !

Photo : Sylvie


Turn around :

Red light :

Lie to me

Good retrospective to watch, isn’t it ?

Now listen : the 2015 festival will feature some great musicians you all know : John Mayall, Coco Montoya, and more ….

Keep an eye on

For those who would go and visit the beautiful town of Avignon, this is for you :

Jonny LANG live in Avignon - By Myriam





Photo : Myriam


> Voir la revue de concert d’Avignon, par Myriam (en français)

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