AUDIO – L’inédit de la semaine / The weekly unhackneyed track (Week 25)

I been missin’ u !

Syl Johnson - Bridge to a LegacyThis track was recorded for Syl Johnson’s album « Bridge to a legacy » in 1998 (Antone’s records). Jonny and Syl are friends. Syl had a quote about Jonny you can find on our « Quotes » page.

We love this soulful track. For some people, it could sounds cheesy. Not for us. Young Jonny was already a connoisseur in this great soulful vocals. Indeed, he was raised with Stax/Tamla-Motown music at home.

Syl and Jonny’s voices match very well, you got to heart it ! « I Been Missin’ U » constantly pushes at the beat, You can purchase this album on



Last thing : did you know that « Back for a taste of your love » is an original from Syl Johnson ? Hear the original song here :
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