New Musicians for Euro Tour

The European Tour started a few days ago, and some JL fans who went there were surprised to see new musicians on stage. 


We were used to see the same band on tour with Jonny for a few years now: Dwan, Akil, Jimmy and Barry.
Nice and talented guys who made the shows amazing.

Barry is the only musician still here. He’s been touring with Jonny for 8 years now, and we hope that he will stay a few more years, he’s getting bigger and better by the years!




So you are wondering who the new musicians are?

Here is a short presentation of the new members:


new musicians - Jonny Lang Band 2014

From left to right: Charles Jones – Keys, Barry Alexander – Drums, Court Clement – Guitar, Jonny Lang Calvin Turner – Bass

To know more about these musicians, we found some videos and links that might comfort you: they ARE really good :)
See for yourself:

Charles Jones:

More on Charles Jones: Twitter, YouTube, Credits

Barry Alexander:

More on Barry Alexander: BioCredits 

Court Clement:

More on Court Clement

Calvin Turner:

More on Calvin Turner: Credits,





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