Quotes about Jonny Lang from famous musicians

A lot of musicians in the business consider Jonny Lang as a great musician. We found several quotes about him from various artists.
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Leslie West and Jonny Lang

Leslie West and Jonny Lang


Joe Perry (Aerosmith) :
” I think he’s exciting ! Jonny Lang, that guy … He plays like he’s forty and sings like he’s fifty ! ”


Keb’Mo :
” Jonny Lang is focused. You know, he’s got a gift ! ”


Buddy Guy :
” That kid has just got what it takes, man,”

” Someone told me once that blues is like whiskey. They keep whiskey in the barrel for so many years, and then they talk about how well it’s aged. But I don’t think that goes for him. I think this young man has just stepped in there sayin’, ‘I’m gonna prove you all wrong.’ I think he’s like a watermelon, man. He’s ripe. ”


BB King :
” When I was young, I didn’t play like I do today. So these kids are starting at the height that I’ve reached. Think what they might do over time. ”


Luther Allison :
” Jonny Lang has the power to move the music into the next millennium by reaching the ears of a new generation. The great musicians have the power to break all of the ‘isms’–race, age, sex, et cetera. Jonny Lang is one of those musicians. ”


Jimmy Thackery :
” He plays so good. I want to break his fingers. ”


Syl Johnson :
” He is, bar none, the next big superstar! ”


Kenny Wayne Shepherd :
” Jonny is a great singer and he’s a very good guitar player too ! ”


Chris Isaak :
” The Kid can play ! ”


Leslie West :
” I wish I could sing like that ! ”


Hanson :
” It was really fun (to record with him). He’s a nice guy and of course plays incredibly well. ”


Michael Jones ( Jean-Jacques Goldman) :
” Jonny Lang, je l’ai découvert quand il avait quinze ans. Ce qui m’a étonné chez lui, ce n’est pas la guitare, c’est sa voix. C’est-à-dire qu’on entendait un môme de quinze ans chanter comme un mec de cinquante ans, comme s’il avait du métier. ”


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