Review – Live in Cologne (07-02-2014), GERMANY, by Iris

“The Luxor in Cologne is a really small club

…so I knew I had to be there in time to really see something of Jonny and the band because the stage is really low. I made it in the front row and met a whole lot of nice other fans there… guess Jonny Fans are just beautiful people ;-)

Sonja, who I got to know because she won a backstage pass for the Parkpop in the Netherlands too, got there just in time and made it up to me in the front. So we had the best places when Jonny and the guys entered the stage.
They all seemed to be in a very good mood and the atmosphere in the club was really awesome.
They started the show with “Blew up the house” and “Don’t stop for anything” and the crowd was immediately singing along. It almost felt like we were one, all dancing, smiling, singing, clapping hands, just pure joy and happiness for all of us.
The guys gave us some incredible solos, every musician had his part and they really kicked ass that night. So much fun to see how they all enjoyed themselves playing and giving every guy his time to shine. There was so much love in this place… it felt like you could almost grab it and I still carry it with me now, feels like flying! :-) <3

My highlight was the version of “Red Light”.

It was so intense and the whole crowd was so quiet at the beginning… it nearly made me cry. It’s incredible how much Jonny can give. Turning the song over into “Everything’s gonna be alright” made us singing along again and of course we all believed in the lyrics at least for this special moment.
The whole show was about two hours, so we really got a lot of magic moments. I even would say it was the best show of my life so far.

P1000632And how much fun is Charles Jones! :-D

And of course incredible what he can do at the keys. He’s got so many funny faces and he really seems to enjoy himself. He gave us an amazing solo part which took so long, that Jonny pretended to hit him with his guitar to get him stop. We laughed about this a lot.

This is of course what I loved most about the show. The chemistry between the guys is so beautiful. It’s a healing enery. 
They love what they do and this love just takes over.

So thank you Jonny, Charles, Barry, Court and Calvin for so much heart and soul!

Jonny took some time for the fans after the show, everyone was very relaxed and happy, so it turned out to be a perfect night and for sure a night to remember.
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5 thoughts on “Review – Live in Cologne (07-02-2014), GERMANY, by Iris

  1. You can see Iris pictures on the Fan Photos page (multimedia -> photos -> fan photos). Many beautiful pictures !!
    THanks Iris

  2. Heartfull report that extends our self experience of Jonny’s show. Thanks for that, Iris.
    Two hours of Jonny’s music ! Lucky people ! Not everyone had that much. I know: even 10 minutes could make some happy.

  3. Thank you guys for the nice comments! Hope you all get your special experience with Jonny and the band. Feels good to be a part of all this! Thx Lisa! :-)

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