Review – Live @ Parkpop (06-29-2014), NETHERLANDS

Jenni is one of the winners of our Parkpop contest. She won a backstage pass as well as a meet and greet with Jonny.
Here is her review of her day.
(Pictures by Jenni V. and Sonja S.)



“Me and my sister Venla came to Parkpop Zuiderpark with happy minds, but then, had a setback at the door. A lady from the organisation was there but she didn’t wanna let us in. (…) Well turns out that SHE had misunderstood the backstage guy. So they apologized us and he walked us to backstage…and UPGRADES our passes so that we very able to get free drinks and food at the VIP tent and also go where the press takes the photos! :D SO, that misunderstanding turned out to be a blessing. :)
Capture8Then we met with Iris, Sonja and Wessel (the other Parkpop winners) and had a good connection right away. :) We sat in the park, had drinks and talked about music and Jonny of course. The most wonderful thing about music is that it really brings people together and it was so wonderful to notice that we share the same passion of loving live performers and especially the ones that are really doing their job straight from the heart and soul like Jonny.
Capture5We were really lucky to have the “best seats” (meaning the first row) in our own section between the stage and those other 200’000 Parkpop people! :D It was AMAZING. I’ve been in hundreds of concerts, but that was my first time in the first row. What a treat!!
CaptureAnd then finally to see Mr Lang up there, right in front of us, giving his best….it was just such a cool moment. It is the most beautiful thing when you have a real person on stage singing and playing straight from his heart and soul. That’s why I am so blown away by his performance. He is so REAL. It is like “healing energy”, you get your batteries charged while on his gig. ;)
Okey, but that set was so short that I just heard myself shouting “noooooooooo”, when he said that there is time for one more song….and of course I meant that we want mooooore! ;) Well, it didn’t help as we all know. Football took over the rock n roll! :)
(the show had to be shorten due to The Netherlands playing a world cup game that everning)
After the show we had to wait an hour and it almost got us nervous, but then when he finally stepped out of that tour bus it seemed like we’d known him for ever. :) I know, I was in a very talkative and vivacious mood…but I think that we had a very relaxed moment. ;)
candysMy goal is of course get him to come to Finland, so I brought him some Finnish chocolate and salt licorice (which he actually thought that he might like) and some stickers of Finnish Moomin characters to his kids. And we also had a golf talk… (…)
It was a fun chat with him, had good laughs and were able to tell him what his music means to me. And also had a talk about 10CC (another band playing at the same venue)….I said, you mean those “older guys?” and he said “That’s not nice!”….and obviously it was just because one of the 10CC members stood right behind my back. ;) Well anyway it became a joke for us, “Let’s go and see 10CC, those older guys!” :D


So I think everything went really well! 
Keep in touch everybody! 
Jonny Lang brings people together! :D”

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