What you may not know about Jonny Lang


  • He sang Michael Jackson tunes at 3.


  • He began to play saxophone at 11.


  • He attended his first blues concert at 12 (The Bad Medicine Blues Band).


  • He took his first guitar at 13


  • He joined the Bad Medicine Blues Band at 14 as the lead singer and second guitarist. The band was renamed « Kid Jonny Lang & the Big Bang ».


  • He was signed by a major label (A&M records) at 15


  • He was 16 (in fact, nearly 16) when Lie to me came out. Lie to me was a platinum album.


  • At 16, he was listed by Newsweek magazine in the Century Club of the 100 Americans expected to be influential in the next millennium.


  • At 16 too, we was voted as best new guitarist in Guitar magazine’s annual reader’s poll


  • He was 17 when Wander this World came out. Another platinum album.


  • At 18, he already toured with Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones, among other great bands.


  • At 19 he was nominated on the Minnesota Music Awards for Best Blues Artist/Band, Male Vocalist of the Year, and Song of the Year (Breakin’ Me)


  • At 20 he was married, with actress Haylie Johnson.


  • At 21 he had already played more than 1000 concerts


  • At 22 he recorded Long time coming, another big sale if not as important as the two previous albums.


  • At 23 he played on Clapton crossroads Festival (first appearance)


  • At 24 he released his first DVD, taken from his appearance at Montreux Jazz Festival back in 1999 when he was 18 years old


  • At 25 he won a grammy for « Turn around », as best gospel album of the year


  • At 26 he was father of twins (Raimy and Sailor)


  • At 27 he was part of the Experience Hendrix first tour along with the best guitarists of the world


  • At 28 he changed his band crew with great newcomers : Akil Thompson, Dan Hill and Barry Alexander. His live sound changes with more soul/funk vibe.


  • At 29 he was father of his third child, a little girl (Rennix Belle) and he released his first live album, live at Ryman. He dis his second Experience Hendrix tour and his second Clapton’s Crossroads festival.


  • At 30 he’s joined by his sister Jessica Lang as a backsinger. He plays in concert for the first time in India, a a Mumbai Festival with Buddy Guy


  • At 31 Jonny has played in more than 2000 concerts all around the world, in each continent Africa excepted.


  • At 32 he was father of his fourth child, a little girl (Lilou Jaymes) and he released Fight for my soul. He began his first european tour for years.


  • At 33  He will do more european concerts on spring/summer 2014 than he ever made from all the 15 previous years.



The question is : what has he done between 4 and 10 years old ? He’s gone to school, yes. But… what else ?


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